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D. Michael McIntyre-3
Did you know if your drum brain has a built-in sequencer and MIDI THRU
is enabled, and you have MIDI THRU enabled in Rosegarden, when you send
a note from Rosegarden, you will get a horrendous, ear-rending feedback

Did you know that once you've turned MIDI THRU off in Rosegarden, if you
still have MIDI THRU enabled on the drum brain, every time you try to
layer a part with an existing recording, you will re-record every note
the module plays?

I didn't know either of these things.  I had to figure them out the hard
way, after losing some blood from my ears, and wasting some good recordings.

(In a perfect world, I'd play all of the parts live, but this piece is
really up tempo and I'm a new drummer.  One of these days, I'll be able
to lay down the base groove and noodle on top of it, but not today.  So
I'm leveraging technology in order to cheat!)

(The composition I dragged out to mess with is, of course, "Groundhog
Day."  Today seems like a good day to finish it, and my
keyboard-sequenced drum part was crapola.  I'm fixing that!  Now the
layered live real sticks on pads drum part is crapola instead!  Woo!)
D. Michael McIntyre

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