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MTC master/slave sync now in CVS HEAD

Chris Cannam
On Monday 09 May 2005 20:15, Chris Cannam wrote:
> I've been working on integrating some of the existing fragments of
> support for MTC/MMC etc into a test branch on CVS, and I'd appreciate
> it if a few users who have experience of and requirements for sync
> with MIDI hardware (or other software) can do a bit of testing.

Not much response there, then.  Oh well.

I've now merged across to CVS HEAD (i.e. the default CVS checkout) and
filled out the features a bit since that last email.  Again, please
test and report.

Here's what you get now, again covering the features in the Settings ->
Sequencer page:

 * Sequencer timer: (auto) / system timer / RTC timer / PCM timers...
 - Should generally work fine set to (auto)

 * Send MIDI Clock and System messages
 - When checked, RG should send (to all devices, currently) MIDI
real-time start/stop events, song position on start, and MIDI clock
throughout playback.  If you're in a position to test this, please do so
and report.

 * JACK transport mode: Ignore JACK transport / Sync
 - Unchanged from 1.0.  Should be functional.

 * MMC mode: Off / MMC Master / MMC Slave
 - When set to Off, should send no MMC messages and not react to
incoming MMC messages.
 - When set to MMC Master, sends the absolute minimum MMC play/stop
messages (omni).
 - When set to MMC Slave, responds to the absolute minimum MMC play/stop
(on any MMC device ID).

 * MTC mode: Off / MTC Master / MTC Slave
 - When set to Off, should send no MTC messages and not react to
incoming MTC messages.
 - When set to MTC Master, sends MTC position and sync stream at 25fps.
 - When set to MTC Slave, syncs to incoming MTC position and sync at 24,
25 or 30fps (non-drop).


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